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Media information note, 4th July

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc – Update for Ulster Bank customers on ongoing technical issues

We apologise to our customers for the delays they are still experiencing. Since Ulster Bank customers began to experience problems with their accounts on 19 June, we have provided updates about progress in resolving our technical issues and the steps impacted customers should take if they were in need of assistance.

Resolving the issue for our customers is the top priority for RBS Group and significant resources have been shifted from within the Group to Ulster Bank.

We now can give updated guidance as to when we believe all customer accounts should be back up to date with only relatively small numbers of transactions still outstanding.

In recent days speed in bringing accounts up to date has increased significantly. For example, over last weekend we cleared another 2 days of backlog and this week we have cleared payments which will allow customers to see a material improvement in the information they have. This compares to several days to clear a single days' transactions at the start of the incident.

We now expect that next week (commencing 9 July) will be the final week of any significant delays for Ulster Bank customers. We expect gradual, but significant and noticeable improvements throughout the remainder of this week and next. It is our expectation that by the week of the 16 July the vast majority of customers will return to a normal service, barring any residual reconciliation required. We will continue to provide updates daily on our progress.

It is also important to note that it is not, and has never been, the case that all Ulster Bank services are unavailable. A number of core banking systems have continued to operate as normal throughout the incident.

Jim Brown, Ulster Bank CEO said:

"We know customers are frustrated and they are right to be. Our efforts to fix this are paying off and over the last few days we have been able to gain a much clearer picture about when we expect all systems to be largely back to normal.

"We expect gradual and significant improvements for our customers and each day we will see more transactions processing, fewer problems with our systems, and less inconvenience for our customers.

"I would also like to say that throughout this incident a number of other banks have worked with us to process vital payments and I'd like to thank them for their support.

"We apologise again to our customers and all those people who have been affected by this problem. We appreciate the patience that has been displayed and we will keep everyone informed as we make progress."

Liability Insurers for The Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest and Ulster Bank

Our liability Insurers for the period starting 31.10.2010 to date are:

ACE European Group Limited,
PO Box 4511,

Please quote policy number UKCASC46968 in your correspondence.